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Sun 2017/06/11 05:35 JST
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Once again my apologies for dropping off the face of the earth for a bit, but it's been hectic. Nevertheless I figured I'd better show off some of the gifts that Salica sent to my girls, but I was having trouble finding one who wanted to wear the frilly pink dress, until I came across Maria, who said she didn't mind at all! So without further ado I'll turn things over to my youngest MDD so far.


Maria: "Hi everyone! Daddy let me do the post this time, though he's still operating the camera. He's been battling allergies, but he's getting better due to the pres....percrptids....(whispers) Daddy whut was that word again?"

Me: Prescriptions, sweetie, Prescriptions.

Maria. "Oh ya! Prescriptions!"


Maria: "Hey it's a BIG word for someone as little as me, I can't remember all of them; sometimes I need daddy's help at times. By the way, thank you daddy."

Me: You're welcome Maria. Why don't you tell our readers what else has been going on,

Maria: "Okie Dokie Daddy!"


Maria: "First off, I want to thank Aunt Salica for the pretty dress she sent in that HUGE box-o-stuff! We're all still sorting everything out! But we're having a fun time doing so! Thanks again Aunt Salica!"


Maria: "Here's a back view...As you can see, it fits perfectly!"


Maria: "Now all daddy has to do is get me and the rest of the girls some dress shoes to complete the look!"

Me: Uh, well I'll see what I can do sweetie.


Maria: "Oh ya! Daddy's been busy cleaning up and rearranging the rooms so we can play more! Hasn't been easy what with him worrying about grandpa working so late recently and stuff, and trying to find a job so he can support gramps and himself for a change. But no luck so far."


Maira: "Oh and Daddy finally got us all necklaces. lotsa us were getting jealous cause Yukino and the other girls had them and we didn't. Daddy got me a pretty carousel necklace! Isn't it pretty?"


Maria: "Lately, Gramps has given daddy some allowance pay for all he's been doing around the house; he's gotten lotsa stuff he's wanted, and even some things for us too! Lotsa new CD's too including this! It's one he's been wanting to get for a long time! It's an import from Japan and is my favorite of his music that daddy's gotten so far. The last track though is kinda sad."


(Thinking, thinking....fidget fidget fidget......)

Maria: "Hmm I can't think of anything else right now.....I think that's all.."

Me: "Waaaaaaaaaaaait a moment young lady....You thanked Aunt Salica for the dress, but there's someone else you should be thanking too for choosing to give it to you."

Maria: "Huh?"


Maria: "Huh? Oh yeah! that's right!"

(Grabs Yukino)

Yukino: "Wh-WHA!??! Hey wait a sec!!!! Maria I'm not DRESSED!" O_O


Maria: "Thank you Yukino for giving me the dress I'm wearing! It's fits perfectly!" (hugs)

Yukino. "Um er're welcome Maria.....considering I'm um....too big to wear it." (she looks away embarrassed)

Me: "Yukino sweetie, I think that was meant for girls Mari's size, not yours, sorry."

Yukino: "Er um...yeah...." (grumbles a bit)

Me: Hey if anything I'll make you one myself if you want one.

Yukino: "Wha-WAIT WHAT!? Oh nonononoono papa! >//////< You've already made a TON of clothes for me that I still have to share with the other girls! If you're gonna make something, than I humbly request that you make it for one of the other girls, not me." (laughs nervously)

Me: Okay Yukino sweetie, Okay I get it.


That's all for now! Thanks for looking! =)

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Birthday April 21st 1979 College Graduate Around or over 6' tall Loves Anime Loves Designing AutoCAD Trained User
USA · College Graduate and Proud Dollfie Dream Daddy!