Yuki Nagato as "Iris" (MEGAMAN X4)

Sun 2017/07/09 02:31 JST
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back around 2007, i attempted a crude custom doll, loosely based around the late-90's MEGAMAN X series Video Game character "Iris"

she did not turn out to personal satisfaction, and i've planned ever since to give her another shot soon as i felt sufficiently confident in my skills to manage a reasonably marked improvement.

well, that time sort of finally came, as i finally came around to accomplishing what i generally wanted to, in the form of an alteration/remake of the costume,
once barely sized for that old custom doll, (herself based around a "WINX CLUB" doll body and BANDAI/TRENDMASTERS "Cardcaptor Sakura" doll head)
- now reworked and fitted for my 24cm. 1/6 MegaHouse Yuki Nagato;




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Anime/Manga Enthusiast since 1993