1/5 Mamotte Shugogetten "Shaorin Shichiri" OVA Version

Mon 2017/07/24 03:48 JST
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this was my very first authentic Japanese-market Character Doll,
obtained back in 2008 from a fellow Forum member.

after years of making custom fashions for her, i thought i'd return to her original costume
for a little while and attempt to bring it as close as i can to the redesign seen in the lovely-looking OVA treatment (Original Video Animation) of "Mamotte Shugogetten" which differs slightly from the styling seen in the original Manga and T.V. Anime.

major changes, besides addition of double-jointed elbows taken from a "To Heart" series TSUKUDA HOBBY body, were;

* new Pink "Beoseon" traditional Korean socks and very cute-looking, well-fitting slippers taken from an early release TH "Sakura Wars" Sakura Shinguji

* addition of full length Bloomers, less accurate to the source material,
but more accurate to the traditional Korean "Hanbok" fashion
Shao's costume is closely based upon

* new Earrings made from DIY jewelers' parts found at a craft shop, with green glass "E" Beads
to match her Hairband

* extension of her skirt hem, utilizing the same pearlescent-effect ribbon used on her Beoseon socks






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Anime/Manga Enthusiast since 1993