Volks 1/100 "The Bang"

Sun 2010/01/03 03:02 JST
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First, I don’t really know why Volks calls this kit “The Bang” when in the manga there’s more than one and they’re called “bang dolls”. Maybe that sounds too sexual.

Second, I’m apologizing right now about the quality of these pictures. As I’m about the describe, I was just overjoyed that it was in one piece and had to snap a few pictures to share. I didn’t even have my nicer camera with me at the time, so I had to settle with the one on hand. Just FYI, the first picture accurately shows the colors on him since that’s how I arranged the lighting the best. The other pictures are just to show you other angles.


I could go into the specifications on the machine, but you might as well just go to this page:
if you’re interested. He’s from the manga “Five Star Stories”, which you should all read. Suffice to say that it’s one of the most powerful machines in the series, and the pilot of the one seen in the series is pretty bad ass as well.


This was an early Christmas present from my girlfriend and I want to point out first that I do love the kit and the mech itself because I’m about to complain for a while.


Now to the details of the kit. It was a pain in the ass! Seriously, I haven’t done a PG Gundam model yet, but I assume they are for the most part easier than this. First, it doesn’t snap together like a Bandai kit. Every piece is held together by a generous amount of plastic cement. This wouldn’t be such a problem, but he does end up seeming fairly fragile. At any one point it seems like he could fall apart. I know he won’t but still. The main problem with this is that sometimes the pieces don’t even feel like they fit together properly. So, you have in your hand a fragile piece, and then you’re jamming another piece into it. Something is bound to brake.

I actually lost a incredibly small piece on the underside of the headdress that holds those “floating” pieces in. I was jamming the metal piece in and the really small hole piece flew off somewhere. Why couldn’t they have just build the hole into the main piece? Why did you have to cement a piece that small onto a larger piece?

But the worst part, by far, is the fact that they wanted to make the piece movable. But it didn’t work, they joints that are supposed to be movable just fall apart when you’re trying to move them even a little bit. It actually took me like an hour and a half to put the arms on and attach the shield/sword. This really should have taken like 5 minutes.

Then there’s the fact that he won’t stand. Hence the box he’s leaning on. What I’m going to do is try my hand at making a diorama for him. I had him standing for a minute but then a small bump into the table made him face-plant.

But again, don’t take all this as meaning that I don’t like it. Quite the opposite. It’s a great kit and I had a lot of fun putting it together. I just think Volks could have done some things better.

And, as you can see, he still isn’t “finished” I need to do some lining and touch-ups, and then of course the decals and the diorama. But I really like him, so I wanted to share :)

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Physics/Bio Major and Gundam fan.
Baltimore, MD · Student/Whatever · http://site-24601.com/blog/