Sex robot dolls have arrived (updated with video)

Sun 2010/01/10 13:29 JST
TN, USA · Programmer ·

Hopefully this is not against any rules, as this is even dolls-related. ;) The other kind of dolls.

Just found today that the world first sex robot was announced which is a sort doll that can talk and move.
Seems to be the answer to existing doll product called "Real Doll" (their site. Careful if going from work)
Apparently users of the "real doll" kind of girls were somewhat dissatisfied with how their girls were inanimate and unresponsive. Technology to the rescue! The Roxxxy is supposed to fix that problem (their website. much safer than real doll one).
Seems they are planning to release a male dolls too.

What I find interesting is the development behind the behavioral part initially was geared towards capturing sort of a "digital copy" of a person for later conversations in case of the real person death. Seems the adult industry is at the edge of the progress as always, adopting any promising new technologies.

Really, I did not even know the things have advanced so much in this area.

I wonder if a free sample is on the way to Danny and he will have a review soon? ;)

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BTW, if anybody happened to visit AVN Expo and can share some real pics, that would be sweet too (and the fact that it coincided with CES means a lot of people were in the area)

Found some real pictures at france24 site



The doll is kind of ugly looking, hopefully this is just a property of this particular prototype.

Also found the youtube video of the presentation.
Hearing "stop doing that" from a doll is kind of unexpected.

Quite a bit from Zettai kareshi still, though.