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Mon 2010/01/11 22:14 JST
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This a new mecha animation show made in China that will aired in Hunan TV's Golden Eagle Channel (湖南电视台金鹰卫视) starting this Friday (January 15th)

For Preview :

Notice anything familiar ?

"Astro Plan" ("太空历险记", "星原战记") is an upcoming sci-fi fantasy cartoon series made in China, which will be aired starting this month. The story goes like this: when the environment on Earth deteriorates in the future due to global warming, human beings decided to venture into space to look for a new home. This is the so-called "Star Field Project" (? - 星原计划). Deep in space, the space migration fleet encounters beings from Planet Iccus (? - 伊克斯星人), raiders of natural resources in the Universe. The alien beings has the ambition to become the overlord of the Galaxy. In response to this threat, 6 young fighters are recruited into Sky Arrow Flight Team (? - 天箭飞行队) to pilot the highly mobile and transformable Type Yi (? - 羿式) machines to combat the Iccus aliens.

Here is the trailer :

More info you can go to here

I think there are inconsistencies between character design and mecha design. Notice some "Avatar the airbender" element here. for mecha, no comment ^^'

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Indonesia · Psycho-King