Dollfie Giveaway - Miss Dollfie Summer 2009

Fri 2009/07/31 11:49 JST
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OK - not exactly giving away a Dollfie but something for your Dollfie daughter. I'm not a fan of the default costumes that come with the anime licensed Dollfies - which is why my daughters wear casual every day clothes - and I would like you to have some too.


So - this is a perfect example of an everyday item of clothing ^^;


This is made by A-zone and fits M and L bust Dollfies and should also fit Ryomo, Escalayer and Yoko busts too.


Was at HobbyLink Japan for 5000 yen but I reserved it for you.
Also want you to have a ToHeart2 uniform for your daughter too - that alone is worth 8000 yen.


The winner will get brand new garnments sent directly from HLJ.


If you would like these two garnments for your daughters then they need to enter the Miss Dollfie Summer 2009 competition.

All your daughter has to do is post 3 different sets of photos of herself. Rules time:-

  • Inspired by Miss World contests, I'm looking for 3 types of photos of your daughter:-
    • Swim wear, bikini, underwear or slip. If your daughter does not have underwear then their hands should be stylishly covering their v-zone and pupils.
    • Casual or default costume - the costume that came with your Dollfie.
    • Outdoor.

  • You can enter up to 3 of your daughters - one daughter per post.

  • Each post should have the 3 different types of photos.

  • So if you are entering 3 of your daughters then you will post 3 times - each post will have the bikini, casual and outdoor photos.
  • I never got round to finishing the Dollfie Day thing that I was in the middle of doing over at DC so will be asking you to give details of your daughters again which are:-
    • How old are they
    • What they like doing
    • Favorite food
    • The first word that they said to you
    • Why your daughter is the fairest of them all

  • You got until this time next week.

  • Please tag your post "dollfiesummer2009" and "giveaway". Remember that tags should be comma separated.

  • Only enter your Dollfie Dream daughter - not Super Dollfie or MDD.

  • I have the black gothloli dress so can confirm that it will fit M and L bust but I don't have the ToHeart uniform. It *should* fit M Bust Dollfies though.

  • Until I get voting/favorating systems in place, I will have to do the voting this time round. But don't be sad if your daughter does not win - it should be about the fun of participating. Besides, I'm going to increase the amount of Dollfie giveaways and hopefully do a real Dollfie giveaway soon.

  • Arms installation is complete - good luck!

Thank you to HLJ for sponsoring Miss Dollfie!

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Some blurb here. moo. break. meow.
Tokyo Metropolis · CEO Mirai Inc ·