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All resin family for now, but am leaning in the direction of getting a dollfie dream.

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    Wed 2011/11/16 18:32 JST
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      Simple shoot of my rosy to showcase her new necklace :) BJD Supia Rosy

      Wed 11/11/16

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    Mon 2011/11/14 15:13 JST

    eh... scratch my 50mm ramble. I'm new to figure and still getting used to the idea that not every one is a Dollfie Dream perso...

    on Photography tips?

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    Mon 2011/11/14 15:08 JST

    eh, manual isn't as important as people make it out to be, honestly. You can shoot just fine in Aperture/Shutter priority. eve...

    on Photography tips?

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    Wed 2011/11/09 00:27 JST
    • La Danse

      ;; My first time posting here... I know BJDs aren't the talk of the town here, but for now it's all I...

      Wed 11/11/09

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    Thu 2011/10/13 12:21 JST

    LOL! no XD you dont have to! eat it! eat it!

    on Happy Birthday, AsianEd!! ^_^

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    Thu 2011/10/13 07:02 JST

    I'm totally claiming this cupcake.

    on Happy Birthday, AsianEd!! ^_^

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    Thu 2011/10/13 07:00 JST

    aw! Happy birthday ed! ;3; Hopefully it was awesome! OLD MAN OUO

    on Happy Birthday, AsianEd!! ^_^

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