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    Tue 2011/09/13 12:04 JST
    • Takehito Harada Art Works I

      Heya, Figure.fm - long time no post. Got a neat story for you guys n gals. Today my plans to go do...

      Tue 11/09/13

  • commented
    Fri 2011/07/15 17:52 JST

    Heh, that's a pretty neat stand albeit limited in use. Necessity is the mother of invention eh?

    on Di:stage PSP Stand

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    Thu 2011/07/14 14:45 JST

    I was d'awwww right up until I saw the googily-over-food face. Now I want one.

    on Nendoroid stocking 〓Gothic,Angel,Blue&b...

  • posted
    Sat 2011/07/09 11:45 JST
    • Epyon Has Arrived!

      Ok that's kind of a lie, I've had this kit in my possession for a few days now, but I only just now st...

      Sat 11/07/09

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    Fri 2011/07/01 11:51 JST

    Best of luck for whoever enters!

    on Gunpla World Cup and Anime Expo Model C...

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    Thu 2011/06/30 14:15 JST

    I'm with you on this one, I'm not a fan of the 00 Raiser, but I like the 00 itself. I thought about ordering the 7Sword option ...

    on Fully Busted with Seven Armaments

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    Thu 2011/06/30 12:04 JST

    I like this kit. It's a little tricky posing it with the huge gun but it's worth the effort.

    on HG 1/144 Geara Zulu

  • commented
    Wed 2011/06/29 03:15 JST

    QB actually looks kinda tasty... I wanna go there!

    on Good Smile Company Madoka Magica Cafe!

  • commented
    Sat 2011/06/25 06:11 JST

    Sharp pointed. I know it's a steeper to price to pay now, but you'll be thankful for it.

    on MG 00 Raiser

  • commented
    Thu 2011/06/23 14:20 JST

    GSC uses Madoka nendo. It's not very effective... GSC uses Homura nedno. It's super effective! MoogleDee faints.

    on Homura Nendoroid Preorders Up!

  • commented
    Sat 2011/06/18 06:57 JST

    This is awesome and you should feel awesome for making it. _<

    on ZeroEdge's Custom Weapons and Accessories

  • commented
    Fri 2011/06/17 03:26 JST

    Coming from personal experience, necks are the most delicate part of nendos. It sounds like the break wasn't really that bad, a...

    on Help. Need an Advice on Nendo Maintenance

  • commented
    Wed 2011/06/15 15:35 JST

    There's so very many things in this picture I must have... damn my empty wallet *cry*


  • commented
    Tue 2011/06/14 14:27 JST

    The suits don't click with me and just going on the trailers and promotional art I'd feel silly to expect an engaging story lin...

    on Gundam AGE Toy Exhibit

  • commented
    Sun 2011/06/12 11:44 JST

    I love this shot! Drossel is one of my faves, and I'm eagerly awaiting the inevitable version from the new series.

    on ✠ Drossel Von Flugel Chogokin NEW CARME...

  • commented
    Sat 2011/06/11 09:52 JST

    Oh man, I can name maybe three... four tops. Even then, those are guesses. I'm gonna say the one I'm noted on is the Strike Noi...

    on ZeroEdge's Stuff - Gundam and Mobile Suits

  • commented
    Sat 2011/06/11 06:10 JST

    YAY Hi-Nu! Good to see another Gunpla collector. Do you paint yours or straight build? Or does it depend on the particular mobi...

    on ZeroEdge "My Introduction"

  • commented
    Fri 2011/06/10 14:09 JST

    I wasn't as impressed with the game when I tried out the demo but that is an awesome collection of goodies in that package! (pu...

    on King is back with his Balls Of Steel

  • commented
    Fri 2011/06/10 14:08 JST

    So... cute... can't... resist...

    on Cheerful JAPAN! Nendoroid Puchitto Blac...

  • commented
    Thu 2011/06/09 01:46 JST

    That is adorable and awesome! I don't have any girls and all my character goods are copyrighted so I won't be able to try that....

    on Dollfie Credit Card

  • commented
    Wed 2011/06/08 11:39 JST

    I was more excited for the Vita, but the Wii U looks really cool too.

    on E3 2011

  • commented
    Sun 2011/06/05 14:20 JST

    e2046 sells remolds and sometimes they sell originals if they get them in stock. They also have a program called, "Gathering" w...

    on e2046.com??

  • commented
    Sat 2011/06/04 06:16 JST

    I've started cleaning up gate marks on the Hi-Nu :D Sadly no, I'm not painting it salmon pink.

    on The Printer Guardians

  • commented
    Fri 2011/06/03 13:57 JST

    Even in SD form, Sinanju is still taller.

    on Unicorn vs. Sinanju

  • commented
    Fri 2011/06/03 13:55 JST

    Gao of power!

    on Fanime 2011 Cosplay

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