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Greetings everyone, Something about myself?
Well then, i'm living in the Netherlands.
A proud Dollfie Dream collector and Erogamer.

The Netherlands

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    Tue 2017/05/23 02:43 JST

    I think a friend of mine ( Maakie ) have contacted you on MFC. If you like you can add me on Skype, Always nice to know some m...

    on Otaku Room update 2014

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    Fri 2017/05/12 00:29 JST

    Great collection ! Love the Yuzusoft and Saga Planets goods. I'm a huge fan of those two myself aswell. :)

    on Otaku Room update 2014

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    Mon 2016/05/02 06:06 JST

    Hee, bedankt voor je reactie. Sorry voor mijn wat late reply, maar ben inmiddels voorzien van een setje :) In ieder geval ...

    on [FS] Saber Extra Dollfie dream [SOLD]

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    Sun 2016/05/01 00:01 JST

    Verkoop je eventueel de extra kleding setjes ook los ? Heb nog wel een paar dolls die ze mooi zou passen :)

    on [FS] Saber Extra Dollfie dream [SOLD]

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    Thu 2015/01/29 18:41 JST

    I know what you mean, we got an expansive hobby. There arrive weekly new orders at my house, so i sell the old stuff to make p...

    on Himari's Otaku Room- July 2014

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    Mon 2014/09/15 03:02 JST

    You got a nice room there. ^x^ Love your collection ! I collect Eroge's and merchandise of Yuzusoft and Lump of Sugar. Sad...

    on Himari's Otaku Room- July 2014

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    Thu 2014/08/21 20:12 JST

    You got a huge collection, 400 figures and 2000 manga's. A house full, i guess :)

    on Saijuri´s Otaku Room

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    Mon 2014/06/16 07:01 JST

    Nice decorated room! Always enjoy seeing your room pictures. ^x^

    on Room update july 2014 ( Madoka x KanCol...

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    Fri 2014/06/13 04:39 JST

    Nice room, and a great collection ! I guess most Otaku's got room problems when it comes to collecting... Running easy out of...

    on My Figure and Anime collection

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    Thu 2014/03/06 07:31 JST

    Lovely looking room ! But Always sleeping with an open window? Not my style.. to cold (ôxô) ~René

    on Room update March 2014

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    Thu 2014/02/13 05:57 JST

    Nice n clean room ! Not to much on the walls hanging, i like that. :-) ~René

    on AhOtakuMads room tour "in progress"

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    Thu 2014/02/13 05:54 JST

    Nice collection, like the way you display the figures. Need that black shelve closet aswell, love the look of it. (^x^) ~René

    on Beginning-of-February Collection Update

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    Sun 2014/01/26 03:51 JST

    I love your Dakimakura collection ! And i see you like consoles n gaming. (^x^) Just replace your desk chair with a new one...

    on Enkor's Apartment 01/20/2014

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    Mon 2014/01/13 02:38 JST

    I like all those posters that are pinned on your wal in the room. Wish i had a bigger desk, running fast out of space when wor...

    on 2014 Desk Update

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    Fri 2014/01/10 19:05 JST

    Clean workdesk ! Mine is mostly messy when i work. (^x^) Love your signboards, i got 1 on my way aswell. ~René

    on Room Workstation 机の上紹介です~~

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    Thu 2014/01/09 19:30 JST

    All those figures ! You got a impressive collection. (^x^) ~René

    on Pretty Much Every Figure I own

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    Tue 2014/01/07 23:17 JST

    Nice items, really love the Little Busters collection you got. (^x^)

    on Himari's Otaku Room- January 2014

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    Wed 2014/01/01 06:56 JST

    Impressive collection, and two computers in the room nice done. (^x^) Wishing you a happy 2014 ! ~René

    on Groubill's Room

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    Mon 2013/12/23 02:34 JST

    Love the artworks on the wall. I would had framed a couple in. :3 Many years ago i had the same TV, it indeed got some weight ...

    on Cazzie's Room 02

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    Thu 2013/12/05 03:32 JST

    Nice looking room, love your figures, still collecting anime merchandise / figures nowdays? We got almost the same computer s...

    on home office v9

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    Mon 2013/10/28 20:59 JST

    You got a nice room and a great collection ! Keep up the good work ! (>^ω^<) /

    on My room version 1.2

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    Mon 2013/10/28 01:41 JST

    Very nice and clean room. Love your snowboard on the wall :) * Waves goodbye from the Netherlands * (>^ω^<)/

    on Apartment August 2013

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    Sun 2013/10/27 23:59 JST

    一間好房子! 愛你的東西 :)

    on My room in taiwan taipei

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    Sat 2013/10/26 21:14 JST

    Great looking Dakimakura's. Always nice to see your huge collection :3

    on Dakimakura Collection 67

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