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I work as a web developer, but I do love blogging, especially about IT-related stuff.
I am also passionate about figures, since I bought my first Yotsuba-to figure.
Recently I have turned my interest to the awesome cuteness of Nendoroids. ^^

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    Fri 2012/11/16 02:26 JST

    Aww .... the story is simply a cuteness overload! XD Teamwork! :D

    on = Nendoroid Wheel =

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    Sat 2012/09/08 02:48 JST

    Thanks for the report there. Well-written post about Figmania booth at AFAID 2012. ^^

    on Figmania Booth on AFA ID 2012

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    Sat 2012/09/08 02:36 JST

    Cute Mirai skin there! XD

    on = New Skin =

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    Thu 2012/09/06 19:51 JST

    Another overly-cute photo by sh3rli XD

    on = so Tired =

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    Wed 2012/06/27 20:35 JST

    Nice post Sher! Salute to your patience for building the Moekana pyramid. :D

    on = Moekana =

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    Thu 2012/06/07 02:08 JST

    Awwwww ... I cried a little when I read the post. XD Simple yet touching love story ... and it's cute as well! ^^

    on Miku X Danbo ♥ Elsie

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    Wed 2012/03/28 00:21 JST

    Nice self-made clothes for Miku there! Lovely! ^^

    on = figma miku append =

  • commented
    Mon 2012/03/12 04:47 JST

    You are welcome! Hopefully you enjoy your birthday party and ... wish you all the best, as always. XD

    on = My Birthday =

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    Wed 2012/02/29 01:04 JST

    Awesomely adorable!! XD

    on = Ikaros =

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    Thu 2012/02/02 04:06 JST

    Nice review there! ^^ I am still waiting for my Erio though ... XD

    on Nendoroid Touwa Erio

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    Wed 2011/12/07 00:00 JST

    Awesome pics there! ^^ *terharu*

    on = nendonesia fans =

  • commented
    Tue 2011/12/06 17:56 JST

    Actually that is a fish monster's face XD If I am not mistaken, Tooko is originally a mermaid. Anyway, I suddenly recall th...

    on Tooko The Mean Girl

  • commented
    Tue 2011/12/06 17:49 JST

    Nice photos there. It seems that when Tooko's appetite is "high", she could transform into a monster. XD

    on Tooko The Mean Girl

  • commented
    Thu 2011/12/01 02:24 JST

    Awesome pics and scene there! I am amazed that you could find spring atmosphere in Indonesia. *two thumbs up*

    on = Haru-Chan~ =

  • commented
    Wed 2011/11/16 23:19 JST

    Nice pose, nice angle, and nice lighting technique. Awesome photos indeed! ^^

    on = Figma Miku Append =

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    Tue 2011/11/15 04:13 JST

    I like the new Sakura Theia. It looks fresh, cute, and as adorable as ever. The Sakura printing on her hair is a nice addition...

    on Nendoroid Sakura Theia Ver. 2

  • commented
    Sun 2011/10/09 03:09 JST

    Gosh! That was really terrible! I hope (and I'm pretty sure) that you will get a replacement for your poor Gumako there. P.S...

    on Nendoroid Gumako received but.............

  • commented
    Wed 2011/09/21 05:31 JST

    The last pic is EPIC! XD

    on ~Memories~

  • commented
    Wed 2011/09/21 01:16 JST

    Another nice Nendo-comic from rendoroid. ^^ Keep posting on quality (and adorable) comics, ren-san! XD

    on Girl In The Mirror

  • commented
    Mon 2011/09/19 17:19 JST

    As excpected from the Nendo-comic expert. The story is always cute, funny, and inspiring. *two thumbs up* XD

    on Totori's Laundrette

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    Wed 2011/09/14 12:50 JST

    Hachune Miku's expression is always super-epic (a.k.a super-funny) in most situations. XD

    on Nendoroid on ex:ride GANTZ Bike

  • commented
    Wed 2011/09/14 12:49 JST

    Isn't it more like "annoyed"? XD

    on Nendoroid on ex:ride GANTZ Bike

  • commented
    Wed 2011/09/14 00:42 JST

    That expression belongs to Nendoroid Sherlock Shellingford (PSP game version). ^^ The review: http://nendonesia.com/2011/01/ne...

    on Black Rock Shooter: Revisited

  • commented
    Wed 2011/09/14 00:40 JST

    It is a custom-made Nendoroid Zatsune Miku. ^^ The review: http://nendonesia.com/2011/08/custom-nendoroid-zatsune-miku/

    on Nendoroid on ex:ride GANTZ Bike

  • posted
    Tue 2011/09/13 23:48 JST

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