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Hey out there, I'm just really getting into the culture of Japan and all the multifaceted parts of media that are being streamed over here in the states.

I've got a nice collection of figures going so far and hopefully I can increase the number of figu

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    Thu 2015/07/30 09:08 JST

    Ok, I've sent my payment and address information!

    on [For Sale] DD Neris+Clothes+Carrying Case

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    Wed 2015/07/29 11:48 JST

    That's fine actually! What's your email? I can send a paypal payment soon as well as my address information.

    on [For Sale] DD Neris+Clothes+Carrying Case

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    Wed 2015/07/29 00:23 JST

    Hi there, sorry to hear about the financial situations, hope things may get better soon. But is Neris still for sale? I'm ac...

    on [For Sale] DD Neris+Clothes+Carrying Case

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    Wed 2013/02/20 02:34 JST

    Hi there, has anybody made an offer for wigs 1 and 2 yet?

    on DD Wigs for sale

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    Fri 2012/08/24 07:14 JST

    That's amazing work! I like the detail to her eyes the best

    on DD Commission: Sakura Matou

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    Tue 2011/07/05 10:45 JST

    Oo, I've actually been looking for a yuyuko nendo. I'll buy her off your hands. :) Do you want me to send the payment through p...

    on Sale - Nendoroids

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    Sat 2010/11/27 11:43 JST

    Hi there, I'm interested in the patchouli knowlege figure. What is the price for her?

    on Selling my collection

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    Tue 2009/11/03 17:29 JST

    alright, someone else who listens to things on last.fm on here! I can't say I've heard their songs before, but I think I'll go ...

    on Yellow Magic Orchestra

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    Fri 2009/09/11 04:45 JST

    haha, yea I got one too, but mine was from nigeria xD

    on FedEX Scam?

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    Wed 2009/08/26 09:37 JST

    wow! great workmanship on the dress! some of the photos seem almost like a real person modeling them.


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