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    Mon 2012/01/23 02:24 JST
    • 1/144 Zabanya Gundam

      Greetings! Back in late 2011, coming upon information of a warehouse sales, my friends and I proceeded...

      Mon 12/01/23

  • commented
    Sun 2012/01/22 10:25 JST

    Thanks hehe and indeed, I was tempted by Char's Zaku too even though I try to resist Zeon mechs. And the Action Base 3 is parti...

    on 1/144 RG Freedom Gundam

  • posted
    Sun 2012/01/22 00:49 JST
    • 1/144 RG Freedom Gundam

      Greetings! Shelved for quite some time, I retook pictures of the RG Freedom, so instead of iPhone imag...

      Sun 12/01/22

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    Tue 2012/01/17 22:55 JST

    Wow! The first tim e I see a shot of him like that. Cool!

    on HG Master Gundam

  • commented
    Mon 2012/01/16 22:08 JST

    Shamefully, I admit I tried to sell him sometime back, but noone sent an offer and since I grew fonder of it. Do open up the...

    on 1/144 Turn A Gundam

  • commented
    Mon 2012/01/16 22:07 JST

    Avid Turn A fan spotted hehe. If I listen to the OP, I always queue the 0079 OP too.

    on 1/144 Turn A Gundam

  • commented
    Mon 2012/01/16 22:03 JST

    Haha, hope to see yours when you're done with it. I honestly don't know if the EFSF are still around then. Gotta read up the hi...

    on 1/144 Turn A Gundam

  • commented
    Mon 2012/01/16 22:03 JST

    I thought this thing was obsolete but it's great knowing that alot of people not only have it, but still have it displayed with...

    on 1/144 Turn A Gundam

  • commented
    Mon 2012/01/16 22:02 JST

    Agreed! It would be quite a great kit, given the improvements in current HG series.

    on 1/144 Turn A Gundam

  • commented
    Mon 2012/01/16 22:01 JST

    Just finished watching the latest AGE episode and am in an AGE-crazy mode and this photoset just looks really sweet! The sho...

    on HG Gundam AGE-1 Normal

  • posted
    Thu 2012/01/05 22:10 JST
    • 1/144 Turn A Gundam

      Greetings! It's been a productive 2011 and among the kits I managed to assemble over last November and...

      Thu 12/01/05

  • commented
    Thu 2012/01/05 02:41 JST

    Yours looks great and love the poses you pulled off. For me personally, not a fan of the Beginning and all of its variants c...

    on HG 1/144 Beginning Gundam by RG

  • commented
    Mon 2011/12/19 00:42 JST

    Love the poses and shots as usual!

    on ROBOT DAMASHII Lancelot Albion

  • commented
    Wed 2011/12/14 18:32 JST

    Hey, thank you. And if you're an MG sort of person, picking up RGs would be quite a difficult choice hehe. But for a Gundam ...

    on 1/144 Hi-Nu Gundam

  • commented
    Tue 2011/12/06 23:23 JST

    2 Sinanjus! Wow but I love the Physalis most *drools* Is it the MLSR version?

    on Gunpla collection!

  • posted
    Tue 2011/12/06 20:49 JST
    • 1/144 Hi-Nu Gundam

      Greetings! The so-called "Twin Wing Completion" project went up in flames as I became consumed with wa...

      Tue 11/12/06

  • commented
    Sat 2011/12/03 02:18 JST

    Sweet collection, I had fun looking through each and all of them. But the Titans units was the best treat to see :)

    on My Gundam and other collection

  • commented
    Thu 2011/12/01 05:21 JST

    Haha, I'm impressed that you could identify Freedom. I would have mistook it for Strike always.

    on 1/144 Gundam Head

  • posted
    Mon 2011/11/28 16:44 JST
    • 1/144 Gundam Head

      Greetings! This time round, I've embarked on a dual completion program for the HG Hi-Nu and RG Freedom...

      Mon 11/11/28

  • commented
    Fri 2011/11/25 05:44 JST

    But after awhile, I kinda miss the green eyes that comes with most HG kits. Hopefully we get to see more of your RGs and kit...

    on 1/144 RG Strike Gundam

  • commented
    Fri 2011/11/25 05:38 JST

    I must admit, I mistook it for the GFF version and then did a search if it's a limited edition item cause it looked really good...

    on RX-78CA Gundam

  • commented
    Fri 2011/11/25 02:48 JST

    Very nice collection! But this clear Kira Yamato caught me by surprise haha.

    on My Collection of Gundams (More to come)...

  • commented
    Fri 2011/11/25 02:33 JST

    Hey! Thanks and they're water slides, though I kinda used those that replicates the stickers. Some were from the AEUG, some fro...

    on 1/144 RG Strike Gundam

  • posted
    Fri 2011/11/25 01:51 JST
    • 1/144 RG Strike Gundam

      Greetings! Holy ****, these past few days have been a hectic moment for me. Since I switched over to a...

      Fri 11/11/25

  • commented
    Sun 2011/11/20 01:08 JST

    They are all really amazing works, very pleasing to see but do you have a shot of this one in particular? Wondering how this Ti...

    on Pictures and videos from the first Sout...

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