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Likes toys in general, and have a collection consists of mostly robots. 98% kind of 'mostly'. Fairly beginner in model kits despite of being in the modeling hobby for years.

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    Mon 2016/02/22 13:43 JST

    Ooh, you've put decals :D I'm too hesitant on putting them on because MG usually have waterslide and dry transfer decals that I...

    on Master Grade Shin Musha Gundam

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    Fri 2016/02/12 00:42 JST

    Max Factory actually have spare joints specifically for their figma products, but I doubted that anyone ever sell them around h...

    on Fixing Drossel

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    Mon 2016/02/08 15:41 JST
    • Fixing Drossel

      If you saw my earlier post, then you might saw my broken Drossel. I've actually left Drossel with one ...

      Mon 16/02/08

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    Mon 2016/02/08 14:58 JST
    • Seven years of figures

      Hello and hello to you that recognize my username from some long time ago. I've been busy with, well, ...

      Mon 16/02/08

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    Mon 2016/02/08 13:38 JST

    You sure made me jelly with that.

    on Japan Autumn 2015 Accommodation & Loot

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    Tue 2012/05/22 15:40 JST

    Unlike most bright-skinned figures, T-elos seems to be pretty interesting with her dark-skinned body :D

    on Figma T-elos Previews

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    Tue 2011/12/13 23:25 JST

    Because I haven't played around with Drossel since I've been so busy :p

    on My First Two Figma

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    Tue 2011/12/13 15:46 JST

    Me want XD

    on figma W☆RS -White Rock Shooter -

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    Tue 2011/12/13 15:35 JST

    It's a UFO, I tell you! D:

    on [DD] Other side of the pond

  • posted
    Tue 2011/12/13 14:16 JST
    • My First Two Figma - Aegis

      And here goes Aegis~ To be honest, I find it harder for me to play around with Aegis because most of ...

      Tue 11/12/13

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    Tue 2011/12/13 13:56 JST

    Though the charming one looks cooler, I actually much more prefer this old one more than the newer one. Her face is scary for m...

    on My First Two Figma

  • posted
    Tue 2011/12/13 13:23 JST
    • My First Two Figma

      .... From last year. They were bought in late 2010, and no more stuff were bought since then. Things g...

      Tue 11/12/13

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    Wed 2011/06/15 12:30 JST

    Sadly Dieng was acting up in the past few days. It doesn't seem to be that big, that the news didn't put up a continuous news.

    on 2010 Merapi Eruption

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    Mon 2011/06/13 23:56 JST

    Well, it's done already, so it's all fine here XD

    on 2010 Merapi Eruption

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    Mon 2011/06/13 23:54 JST

    Makanya kutulis 2010 kan? XD Indo kayanya banyak, saya dah lumayan lama disini, tapi sempet hiatus setaun :p

    on 2010 Merapi Eruption

  • posted
    Mon 2011/06/13 12:04 JST
    • 2010 Merapi Eruption

      Dunno where to put for this one. Shows several figures, boxes, and mangas, but not too focusing on tha...

      Mon 11/06/13

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    Mon 2011/06/13 10:54 JST

    Give some SFX of it clanging around when he walks, then it'd be VERY awesome.

    on Homemade Iron Man Suit

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    Fri 2011/06/10 22:47 JST

    So many pepakura..... I can't keep that many, someone WILL ruin them D:

    on ZeroEdge "My Introduction"

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    Fri 2011/06/10 21:06 JST

    Show us more D:

    on A normal day until a new Box Came!!

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    Fri 2011/06/10 20:42 JST

    Not even seem to be balanced enough for one leg :p

    on Worst Miku botleg

  • posted
    Fri 2011/06/10 20:18 JST
    • The Return of Zwei

      Wow, left this place for about one year because of college, and look how much it's been changed! Lots ...

      Fri 11/06/10

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    Sat 2010/02/27 12:40 JST

    I don't really understand how the rules in this race goes XD

    on A day @ Shizuoka Tamiya Race Circuit

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    Sat 2010/02/27 12:34 JST

    You got nowhere to see XD

    on Figure cleaning day and...

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    Sat 2010/02/27 12:28 JST

    Two katana for a game, that's gonna be fun~ 8D

    on New Gunpla coming out 00V Red Frame

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    Sat 2010/02/27 12:26 JST

    We need more gynoids XD Oh, beside Metis, I guess asking for Taokaka from BlazBlue wouldn't hurt XD

    on Figma ideas

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